Friday, October 1, 2010

Announcing Name Change

October 1, 2010 Geotek Environmental announces the formation of a new company for marketing geopolymers to be called POZZILEX LABS. With the naming of the new company we are also renaming our product POZZILEX reflecting its composition more closely.

Pozzilex is essentially geopolymers, but with a reformulation that makes the product more user friendly eliminating the use of harsh chemicals used in the old formula for making geopolymer concrete and similar products.

Our goal as Pozzilex Labs is to continue the development of new lines of products making use of the Pozzilex formulation. Many of these products are aimed at the building and construction trades.

In addition we are negotiating to add some interesting products to our line:

The first product is a method of turning wood scraps into useful building products.

The second is a method of building structures with a steel frame and composite siding that can be mass produced on an assembly line at about half the cost of conventional building practices. A further advantage of this type of construction is that it is also earthquake and hurricane resistant.

For further information about these products please contact Pozzilex Labs at: